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About our Creator program

We believe that creators should earn more from the work without third parties taking a cut. That is why we invest in artists to create with and for us, to build a platform that benefits creators.

We are working on a solution to make NFTs more interactable by allowing creators to license their NFTs. This means that once you mint your NFT, other creators or companies can make their own version of that specific NFT and implement them in their own products. Think for example an in-game item that's usable in multiple games, while it still being the same NFT.

Our goal is to break out of the exclusivity people associate NFTs with, and to provide you with the tools you need to implement those collections other creators have made in your own products.

Creators who work together with Oblectare will receive OBLEC for their efforts. The amount of OBLEC received will depend on the asset itself; think about size, animations, etc.

Feel free to join our Discord to learn more about being an artist and what the benefits are.

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